The best way to shop for a new board is to test it out.  We have boards of all shapes and sizes and encourage rentals to see what works best for you.

Board rentals are also convenient for travelers and a great way to spend the day or week. You can rent surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, skimboards, and bodyboards from our retail location:

Board Rentals       1 Hour      24 Hours      Week 


Surfboard              $10            $30             $120

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Stand-Up Paddle   $15            $45           $180

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Skim Board            $5              $20             $60

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Body Board            $5              $20             $60 

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We rent boards 365 days a year, 7 days a week. You can take the boards as long as you need and we are always happy to work with you for a long term rental. Boards can be booked in advance online or by calling ahead but we always welcome walk in customers and can usually accommodate any last minute requests.

All boards can be picked up and returned to Boca Surf and Sail.




Surfboards come in different shapes, sizes, and specifications that improve your surfing experience.  Surfboard selection should be based on your size, ability, and location and not just on looks alone.  Beginners might want to start with a lightweight board with better control and maneuverability.

Experienced surfers might want a surfboard made for speed, while advanced surfers might look for boards designed for competitions and overall performance.  The experts at Island Water Sports will guide you in the right direction and help pick the perfect board for you.


Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, is a surface water sport where the paddler stands on the board and uses a paddle to move through the water.   Stand Up Paddleboards are versatile and can be used for a variety of activities, from surfing to cruising the open-ocean, waterways, Intracoastal, and mangroves.


Skimboarding is a popular sport that can be done year round along the shores of South Florida, in which the boarder hydroplanes across the thin water of a receding wave.  Skimboards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes like circles, ovals, teardrops, and squares.   Beginners might want to start with a square shaped board that stands about mid-chest.  Advanced skim boarders can attempt tricks like turns and flips when coming into contact with an incoming wave.


Bodyboarding is a great activity for all levels.  Unlike surfboards, whose shape and design is complex, body boards are simple and easy to use.  Body boarders easily kick their feet to propel themselves in with a wave while in a lying down position with both hands on the board.

Rent to Own

Thinking about buying a new board? Not sure what to get? Test-drive any one of our rental boards.

You may apply your rental/demo purchases towards the purchase of a new board. So if you rack up a $100 rental bill we will take it off the purchase of you new board.

  • Valid on rentals within a 6 week period.
  • Used and consignment items excluded.
  • Credit is non-transferable.
  • Customer account required.

We also offer company demo days throughout the year on our surfboards, paddleboards ad skimboards.

Rental Insurance Available

We offer and optional Rental Insurance/Damage Waiver for just $4.99/day. This covers any board damage during your rental period. However, it does not cover loss or theft or personal injury

Damaged or misplaced items

If the rented equipment is stolen, misplaced or returned damaged, the participant will be responsible for replacing the item or for the repair costs.

Repair Rates

Ding Description Surfboard SUP
Small Ding: smaller than 3 inches $20-$30 $20-$30
Large Ding: larger than 3 inches $30 & up $30 & up
Broken Nose: $40-$60 $50-$75
Broken Tail: $50-$75 $60-$75
Broken Board $75-$100 $150+
Replace fin plug $30  
Fin Box $50 $60
replace fin (fins can not be repaired $15 $20
replace board if not returned $300 $500
replace leash if not returned $20 $20
replace lifevest if not returned   $20
Broken paddle   $30
replace paddle if not returned   $60


Still have questions or want to talk surf

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