We’re Hiring

We’re hiring! We’re looking for outgoing, energetic sales associates that enjoy interacting with customers, designing product displays, and welcoming everyone with a smile. Please call the shop at 561-394-8818 if you’re interested in joining our team for the holiday season and beyond!

3 thoughts on “We’re Hiring

  1. I would love to work at your surf shop this summer !!! I’m a swimmer, water polo player, surfer, snow boarder and a great
    sales girl…
    Call me 954-415-4369

  2. Hi, my name is Susan. I am 16 and have always shopped at your store. I have been looking for a job to start this summer and thought that Boca Surf would be a really good place for myself to work. I’m not sure if you are still hiring but if you are please let me know.
    Thank you, Susan

  3. This job opportunity offer everything I am interested in and would like to get more involved with amd learn about. I enjoy surfing although I am not very good amd I would love to learn more about sailing and all the other offerings this store provides for customers.

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